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A.Merkel J. Chirac V.Poutine

A.Merkel  J. Chirac V.Poutine COMPIEGNE
September 23/ 2006 : in the castle of Compiegne meeting between three Head of State. Angela Merkel : Daughter of Pasteur (Kasner Horst) and of a teacher. She was born in Hamburg the 17/07/1954. She leaves Hambourg for East Germany (GDR) : Perleberg or her father is named. She is very brilliant in mathematics. In 1986 (in other diplomas) she obtains a doctorate of physics. She has a brother : Markus and a sister : Irene. She married in Berlin East in 1977 with a physicist : Ulrich Merkel. Divorced in 1982, she will keep the name of her husband. In 1991/94 she will be Minister of Women and Youth. From 1944 to 1998 Minister for the environment. (Kohl Chancellor). In 1998: marriage with a professor of Chime: Joachim Sauer. In 2000 : President of CDU. 22/11/2005 : elected Chancellor Federal(CDU).
Vladimir Poutine : Born 7/11/1952 in Léningrad.Etudes of right to the University of the city. Diploma in 1975 (mention Very Well) From 1985 to 1990 he lives in Dresde(he works for the "KGB" )She returns in Leningrad, he leaves the KGB in 1991. It will be assistant of the mayor of St Péterbourg. 1996 : director of the businesses and August 1999 : 1st Minister(Boris Eltsine) in september : second war of Chetchnia. May 2000 : president of Russia. This sportive(judo, tennis etc...) is married and has two daughters.
Jacques Chirac: Born 29/11/1932 in Paris. Exit of the ENA in 1959 (Vauban promotion) Wedding:16/03/1956 with Bernadette Chodron de Courcel. Two daughters : Laurence (1958) and Claude (1962) Mayor of Paris eighteen years, several times minister. President of the French Republic since mai 1995.

A.Merkel  J. Chirac V.Poutine